I first came across The Irrepressibles at my favourite music blog, Music For Kids Who Can’t Read Good, and was hooked immediately.  A chamber pop outfit from the UK, they produce complex and layered harmonies that seem custom-made for movie soundtracks (in a good way).  The album, ‘Mirror Mirror’ is clearly intended to be listened straight-through, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t individual standouts.  In particular, the closing track, ‘In This Shirt’, has a deeply moving, epic sound that entrances from start to finish.  It’s moving and beautiful, but I can’t help but feel as if The Irrepressibles have somehow tapped into my brain’s pleasure centre and created a song formulaically designed to exploit it.  Need evidence?

  • Performed by a 10-piece “performance orchestra”? – CHECK
  • Liberal usage of church organs? – CHECK
  • False ending? – CHECK
  • Makes me break down and weep at the beauty of the world? – CHEuuuh, I mean, that never happened

The song clocks in at just over four and a half minutes, but manages the feat of feeling twice as long while making you wish it never ended.

[mp3] The IrrepressiblesIn This Shirt