#5: Broken Social Scene (June 19 @ Toronto Island)

I promised myself I would never again see a concert on the island.  The crazy crowds, uncertain weather, and inevitably lengthy wait for ferries at the end of the night have made me regret seeing more than a few shows there.  However, when someone goes out and puts together a fantastic line-up like this one, it forces me to reconsider.  BSS are known for putting on a great show – when I saw them at Sound Academy in late 2008 they played a ridiculously long set full of special guests and other treats (to clarify, I’m classifying Emily Haines as both a special guest and a treat).

In addition to BSS, Pavement, Band of Horses, Beach House, and Timber Timbre are currently on the ticket (as per the official website).  Hopefully BSS will have time to cover off some of their classics, as well as stuff from their new album, like the fantastic ‘World Sick’.

[mp3] Broken Social Scene – World Sick (click through for the free download)