Looks like Stars is planning to release their new album ‘The Five Ghosts’ on June 22nd.  To coincide with the announcement, they’ve posted part one of the “Making of” the album on youtube (embedded link below).  The video doesn’t have any full songs, but there are some small snippets laced throughout as a bit of a tease.

Highlight of the clip (other than the bits of songs) is the dialogue with Torquil Campbell at 1:45.

Producer: “That was… a slight troublesome.”
TC: “In terms of…”
Producer: “In terms of pitch.  And delivery.”
TC: *laughs* “Oh… you… picky cunt.”

And some old favourites to last you until June:

[mp3] StarsIn Our Bedroom After The War
[mp3] StarsGoing, Going, Gone