So apparently the new MGMT album, ‘Congratulations’ has leaked, and as a result MGMT has made it available for free streaming on their website.

First impressions:

  • No more indie-pop anthems
  • A lot more of a psychedelic Doors-y flavour – including carnival ambience and echoing distortion
  • Many songs have a late-60s/early-70s feel going beyond the above
  • Surprisingly organic sounding – even the electronic/synthesized elements are simpler and subtler

So far, it’s clear this is not the MGMT of ‘Oracular Spectacular’ – however, there’s still a serious chance that ‘Congratulations’ continues to grow on listeners in the same way that ‘Kid A’ did for Radiohead fans in 2000 – that too was a significant departure from their style, but is now consistently regarded as one of the best albums of the last 20 years.  Only time will tell…