When I started this blog, a friend of mine made the suggestion (tongue in cheek?) that I could suggest beer and music pairings, to capitalize on my love and particular tastes for both.  In the spirit of poking fun at myself, I’ve decided to actually try to do this, although unfortunately I cannot provide beer samples via the internet (if someone wants to work on the technology behind this, I will consider investing).  As far as I know, I’m breaking new ground here – I have never before seen this done.  Here goes nothing…

Unibroue Éphémère Apple / Coeur de Pirate

I think these two go together pretty well – first of all, they both have French names and are brewed/born in Quebec.  The Éphémère Apple has an aroma of sweet apples, but isn’t overpowering – Coeur de Pirate’s music is similarly sweet, light, and melodic.  Both should be enjoyed on a patio or cafe on a warm summer day with the sun shining, and maybe with some people on bicyclettes carrying baguettes home from market in the background.  And maybe throw some mimes in there for good measure.

[mp3] Coeur de PirateComme des Enfants

Brooklyn Lager / Matt & Kim

First of all, these are both from Brooklyn.  They both have a bit of an edge – Matt & Kim from their power pop sound and slightly harsh vocals (I swear Matt could pass as being Scottish), and Brooklyn Lager from it’s malts and hoppiness (more prevalent than in most other lagers).  Both have also been known to be a major causal factor in the creation of spontaneous dance parties – combine the two and the floor may buckle…

[mp3] Matt & KimLessons Learned

Rochefort Trappistes 10 / Arcade Fire

Unlike my previous pairings, these are not from the same place – Rochefort Trappistes is a Belgian trappist beer, while Arcade Fire is from Montreal.  However, stylistically they are very similar.  Both can be dark and very complex.  Taking a first sip of Rochefort Trappistes 10 is a whirlwind of tastes and aromas, with an initial spiciness leading to a subtler bouquet of fruits – mango/pear/apples/strawberry are present.  New flavours and aromas present themselves well after drinking.  Listening to Arcade Fire can be similarly complex, with layers and layers of instruments creating a dynamic listening experience that can dramatically change from one second to the next.  Both are religious experiences.

[mp3] Arcade FireMy Body Is A Cage

P.S. This is way harder than I expected…