Last week, KiD CuDi posted a pretty cool alternate video for ‘Pursuit of Happiness’.  For those of you not familiar with the song, it’s a collaboration between KiD CuDi, MGMT, and Ratatat, which basically tells you it’s awesome without even having to listen to it.  It doesn’t disappoint, managing to take the best aspects of all three artists and fuse their styles together seamlessly.  The vid features plenty of smoke, slow motion, and disorientation – so the more astute members of the audience should be able to figure out what it’s emulating… okay, I guess the less astute members probably can too.

Update: Vimeo vid has been removed, but you can still view the video here

[mp3] KiD CuDiPursuit of Happiness (feat. MGMT & Ratatat)