Fanfarlo is one of those bands which divides people into two groups: those that have never heard of them, and those that love them.  I clearly fall into the second group, and while I haven’t had the opportunity to see them in person, I have heard from multiple sources that they are great live – based on their recordings, I’d expect nothing less.

They are a London-based outfit, and their music is feel-good and flowing – ranging from hand-claps and foot-stomps on ‘I’m a Pilot’ to xylophony goodness and more hand-claps (of course) on ‘Finish Line’.  It’s all very melodic and unassuming.  One second you’re listening quietly, enjoying it all – the next second you’re humming along, and then, before you know it you’re singing along with the chorus.  Perfect music for the relaxed, easygoing days of spring.

[mp3] FanfarloI’m a Pilot
[mp3] FanfarloFinish Line