When I initially heard ‘How You Remind Me’ back in 2001, I first wondered how I had previously gone through life without experiencing the droning noise and raspy lifeless vocals of Chad Kroeger.  My second thought was that they would have to be a one-hit wonder – there was no way a band would be able to continuously pump out songs that make me feel so elated with schadenfreude *.  But I was wrong, oh so wrong – hit after hit was released, each song replicating their success in amazingly high fidelity**.  All I can say to Nickelback is, thank you for defining what great music truly is***.

And of course, APRIL FOOLS.  Seriously, was this believable for even 5 seconds?


* Schadenfreude: taking joy in the misery of others, specifically anyone having to deal professionally with Nickelback (i.e. booking agent, PR firm, manager, roadies)
** High fidelity: they’re all the SAME SONG
*** Defining it in terms of being as far away from Nickelback as possible