Like Dead Man’s Bones, Generationals were discovered for me by (which was dead-on yet again).  The New Orleans duo’s debut album, ‘Con Law’, was released mid-summer of 2009, and carries a summery feel throughout much of the album.  ‘When They Fight, They Fight’ is a lo-fi, slightly nostalgic adventure, bringing to mind visions of driving an old convertible down the coast or strutting down a city street with the sun shining down – all being captured in a, grainy, low fidelity, parent’s home movies type of  way.  That all equates to it being a heck of a lot of fun – when this comes on my iPod when I’m walking down the street, don’t be surprised if I not-so-subtly start a little strut-dance.

[mp3] Generationals – When They Fight They Fight