Two mash-ups for all of you out there on this Mash-up Monday.  First up is a track off of an admirably ambitious project by NYC DJ and producer Max Tannone to take two titans in their respective genres (Radiohead and Jay-Z) and collide them together in the hopes of creating aural euphoria.  The result is fantastic, which is a good thing – if you’re going to be ambitious enough to mash these two together, you’d better do a good job.

[mp3] Jaydiohead – No Karma

The second song is by Party Ben, one of the more renowned mash-up artists.  The one I love partially because of its absurdity and partially because of its awesomeness.  It answers the eternal question of what would have happened if George Lucas had decided not to cast Mark Hamill and had instead decided to go with… the Chemical Brothers.  The best part is the “Push the Button” sequence – so nerdy and so amazing.

[mp3] Party Ben – Galvanize the Empire

Tomorrow: T-dot Tuesday!