A couple of hometown heroes for you today on T-dot Tuesday.  Each hails from Toronto, but there aren’t many similarities beyond that.  ‘Ohbijou’ is a sweet and melodic indie-folk band with a similarly charming band name, whereas ‘Holy Fuck’ is an experimental electronic band best known for its use of unusual “non-instruments” (toy ray guns, film synchronizers) and a controversial band name.

Ohbijou’s Canadian roots show up quickly on ‘Black Ice’, with mention of icicles, black ice, and the Bathurst St bus.  With spring now on its way, I’m more than happy to say goodbye to Toronto’s long, cold winter.  Luckily Ohbijou can be enjoyed year-round, and is equally enjoyable while walking around downtown in shorts and a tee as it is on the Bathurst St bus in winter.

[mp3] Ohbijou – Black Ice

Holy Fuck’s ‘Latin America’ comes off of their latest album, ‘Latin’, due to be released on May 11th.  Like the music on their last two albums, this track comes off as surprisingly listenable despite the often unorthodox style.  It manages to feel like a true soundtrack to the city, combining disparate sounds and elements together to form a greater whole.  It seems a fitting microcosm for their hometown, a city that prides itself on being one of the most diverse and multicultural cities in the world, and better for it.

[mp3] Holy Fuck – Latin America

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