I suppose this one requires a bit of an explanation.  I wanted to have a day of Alliteration week dedicated to remixes.  Unfortunately, there currently aren’t any days of the week starting with an ‘R’, so I was forced to either go with “Wee-mix Wednesday” or attempt to petition for a change in weekday names (Rednesday?).  Luckily, I happen to have two very good remixes of songs about kids, so as such I’ve re-branded them as “Wee-mixes” and have therefore met both my goal of including a remix day, as well as my goal of incorporating a ridiculous pun.

The first remix from Miike Snow takes a slow, melodic tune from Vampire Weekend and puts it into absolute overdrive.  The addition of a driving drum beat and some chaotic Brownian electronic noise creates a remarkably fun and playful tune.  Rather than feel like an adjusted version of the original, it sounds as if the melody of the original has been dissected and transplanted into a new, more dance-friendly body – which, after all, is the point, isn’t it?

[mp3] Vampire Weekend – The Kids Don’t Stand a Chance (Miike Snow Remix)

I’ve always been a huge fan of Soulwax remixes, and this next one is no different – it takes the fun and energy of the MGMT anthem, scrambles it up in a reverb and distortion omelette and serves it to you with a side of percussion.

[mp3] MGMT – Kids (Soulwax Remix)

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