When I first decided to include Philharmonic Friday in Alliteration week, I was going to post some versions of popular songs done by orchestra.  After thinking about it a bit further, I decided instead to show this video of the Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra playing “Mambo”.  It’s a bit outside of normal content here, but is a pretty awesome video with an even greater story behind it.  In short, this orchestra is part of El Sistema, a Venezuelan music education program which states as its goal “to use music for the protection of childhood through training, rehabilitation and prevention of criminal behaviour”.  90% of the players are from poor socio-economic backgrounds, and the program is known for “rescuing young people in extremely impoverished circumstances from the environment of drug abuse and crime into which they would likely otherwise be drawn.”  You can also see a TED talk from the founder of El Sistema, Jose Abreu, here.  Pretty amazing stuff.

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