For Soundtrack Saturday, I’ve decided to post two songs which, despite being part of fairly recent movies, have become quite iconic.  What I mean by “iconic” is that upon hearing the song, I (and other listeners who have seen the respective movies) are immediately immersed in visions and memories of the movie itself.  I’d venture to say that this irreplaceability and symbiosis is ultimately what defines a good soundtrack.  In each of the following two cases, the effect is heightened by the artist having contributed a significant volume of work towards the soundtrack and thus really helping to define the mood and context of the film.

DeVotchka‘s “How It Ends” is not an original for the movie (it was off of an album by the same name released two years prior), but in total they end up contributing 9 of the 14 tracks in the movie.  Like the movie, the songs are at times beautiful and uplifting, at others melancholic and depressing.

[mp3] DeVotchka – How It Ends (Little Miss Sunshine Soundtrack)

Eddie Vedder‘s efforts for the Into the Wild soundtrack were exerted especially for the film, and as a result the music and film really come together cohesively.  It’s hard not to think of a quest for solitude when listening to ‘Guaranteed’, defiance against a modern world when listening to ‘Long Nights’, or the celebration of the road less traveled when listening to ‘Hard Sun’.

[mp3] Eddie Vedder – Hard Sun (Into the Wild Soundtrack)

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