The Kissaway Trail hail from Denmark but have managed to make enough of an impression here in North America that they have garnered a well-deserved spot at Lollapalooza in August.  Their second album, “Sleep Mountain” was released recently and I’ve been very impressed with what I’ve heard so far.  Their sound is deep, rich and lively, with many songs oscillating between melancholic introspection and jubilant celebration.  A prime example of this two-sidedness is “Sdp”, which begins broodingly (albeit with momentary breaks of jubilant church bells), but then transforms halfway through into a euphoric celebration.  “Friendly Fire” is also a standout – a complex and unique drumline alludes to a sense of urgency, while soothing vocals and strings provide some balance and juxtaposition.

[mp3] The Kissaway Trail – Sdp
[mp3] The Kissaway Trail – Friendly Fire