For all of you eagerly anticipating the upcoming New Pornographers album, I have good news – it is available streaming for free at or at NPR.  Frankly, I am really liking this trend of having amazing bands stream their albums for free pre-release!

Thoughts so far:

  • Very classic New Pornographers sound – nothing dramatically unexpected (good news for those fans of previous albums)
  • Great use of a cello to really reinforce the bass line on quite a few songs and give them some nice texture (especially on “Moves” and “Crash Years”)
  • “Your Hands (Together)” is clearly a standout – great power chords that blend well into the melody, and frantic energy throughout
  • Really like the finish to the album (last three songs) – they’re a bit more forceful and energetic, starting with the driving guitar in “A Bite Out Of My Bed” and finishing with a similarly rhythmic cello in “We End Up Together”