For the longest while, I never really liked lo-fi music.  It always seemed as if it was a bit of a waste to use such a limited audio spectrum, and it all too often felt like I was listening to music while 30,000 leagues under the sea.  But lately, a heap of new lo-fi-oriented artists have started to grab my attention, Burnt Ones being an example.

Rather than making me feel alienated and distanced from the melody like so much other lo-fi, Burnt Ones uses the dirty, gritty, grungy sound to their advantage.  They have attitude and character, and the end effect is a bit democratizing – it doesn’t matter if you have custom-fit earbuds or a fuzzy, feedback-producing old radio – it’s going to sound great regardless.

Burnt Ones‘ first 7″ “All Night Long” was released a few weeks ago – stay on the lookout for a full-length EP due out in June of this year.

[mp3] Burnt Ones – Gonna Listen To T Rex (All Night Long)