A bit of a double feature today.  The first part of the feature is Aloe Blacc, an artist with wide-ranging influences and talents who has been nicknamed the “indie R. Kelly” by Turntable Lab.  My first taste of Aloe Blacc was “I Need A Dollar” and I immediately loved its bluesy, poetic, tale of woe story of someone down on their luck.

Interestingly enough, a few weeks after hearing this song, I had the chance to watch the first few episodes of the new HBO show “How to Make it in America“, and was immediately surprised to hear the song as its opening theme – although the match does seem rather appropriate.  The show is about twenty-somethings in NYC trying to make it and achieve the American Dream, grinding out a living and hustling to get by, and has an altogether similar mood and feel as the song.  Also, as a fun-fact, KiD CuDi (profiled earlier) plays a character on the show – another reason to take a look.

Anyway, both the song and show are great, make sure to check them both out.

[mp3] Aloe Blacc – I Need a Dollar