Some bands create music that on first listen can be immediately characterized and assessed – in general, songs fitting an existing genre with a characteristic style and sound are easy to understand, easy to assess, and easy to listen to.  Brooklyn-based Bear in Heaven is not one of those bands.  Their music is a low-tempo, slow-motion hypnotic and psychedelic experience.  It is dark, gloomy and futuristic, and often features odd and off-putting, yet memorable, harmonies and chord progressions.  Ultimately these uncharacteristic sounds play to Bear in Heaven’s advantage – it creates some dissonance in a listeners mind and forces them to address that confusion or dissonance through an objective assessment of the music, rather than through the automatic filing into one of the many genres or subgenres they have encountered before.  The end result is an almost surprisingly addictive sound that defines its own genre and stands up on its own merits.

[mp3] Bear in Heaven – Lovesick Teenagers
[mp3] Bear in Heaven – Wholehearted Mess