You Say Party! We Say Die! is a dance-punk band out of British Columbia that I had the opportunity to see in concert a few months ago when they came to town.  Frankly, I didn’t know much of their material before seeing them, but that didn’t particularly matter – as you might expect from a “dance-punk” band, it was an exciting spectacle regardless of my familiarity.

I’m not completely sure what the genesis of the band name is, but one of the motives may have been to give license to sing, nay shout, their closing song’s chorus of  “You Say Party! We Say Die!” over and over again, turning a somewhat lethargic and tired audience into a raving, shouting dance mob, moving along to the clashing cymbals and shredding guitars.  It was the highlight of the performance for me, and underscored the fact that YSPWSD may not create the most exquisite or complex music, but damn, is it fun.

The live video/song below is off of their new album, and showcases a bit more of the “punk” on the dance-punk spectrum.

[mp3] You Say Party! We Say Die! – Glory

P.S.  As a very sad and tragic post-script, the drummer for YSPWSD, Devon Clifford, collapsed onstage at a concert in Vancouver on April 16th and passed away two days later from an undiagnosed illness which caused a brain hemorrhage.  All reports are that he was an upstanding guy, and I can attest to the fact that he was a phenomenal drummer.  Hopefully the band recovers and continues to make great music in his honour.