Absofacto is the handle of Jonathan Visger, the frontman for Mason Proper, an indie band out of Alpena, Michigan.  He’s released a few EPs and singles now, and I’ve managed to fall in love with one of his singles, “Gnat Years”.

It’s a really well-constructed song that progresses through three distinct parts.  A relentless rhythm and tempo open the song, with well-placed foreshadowing of some fuzzed out guitars.  About halfway through, the song gains some edginess and attitude, with the guitars playing a more prominent role.  They steadily increase tempo and urgency until managing to break through a crescendo and fall into a soft melody that rhythmically fades in and out with dreamlike effect, each successive apex softer than the last, until it disappears into the distance.

You can check out “Gnat Years” below, and if you fancy listening to some more Absofacto, I’d recommend visiting his website, where all of his music is available on a “pay what you can” basis.

[mp3] Absofacto – Gnat Years