To be clear, I’m not completely sure why this pleasure feels so “guilty”.  I’m sure many of you out there have far “guiltier” pleasures (I likely do as well) – it’s just that this relatively simple tune feels like something I should dismiss and not take seriously.  But frankly, it’s too much fun to do so.

The song has a catchy, accessible dance-club beat and engaging vocals – who can ignore sultry, thinly-veiled allusions of “making sandwiches” on the dance-floor.  I mean, I can be the bun, and she can can “be the burger, boy” – ridiculous.

If you’ve got a guilty pleasure of your own, let’s hear about it in the comments – I know for a fact that certain members of my audience have an affinity for Kelly Clarkson – anonymity will be respected.

[mp3] Body Language – Sandwiches (Alaska in Winter Remix)