So, this isn’t really live blogging in the normal usage of the word because I don’t currently have Knoxville-based Royal Bangs personally at my place playing the song for me while I write this (unfortunately).  The spirit of the style still holds though – the following is my (relatively) real-time commentary of Royal Bangs’ “My Car Is Haunted”.

0:01 – Song starts with maracas shaking – that along should let you know that you’re in for a treat
0:02 – Expectations not disappointed, as 2 seconds in you’re met with a frantic guitar/drum/cowbell(?) riff that immediately gets your body moving
0:39 – Now dancing vigourously in my chair.  Alone in my apartment.
1:08 – Unexpected and amazing shift in sound from frantic verses to a power-chord driven, Sloan-reminiscent chorus
1:43 – Some sonic/futuristic effects to transition back to the frantic riffs
2:18 – Electronic jubilation!!
2:48 – “In the age of lasers, we lost our shit” – brilliant line.  I’m really still not sure why, other than it sounding just so damn cool
4:00 – More Sloan-y goodness
4:34 – Song ends as it begins, not with a whimper, but with a BANG.  Perhaps even a… Royal? Bang? (rimshot/cringe)

[mp3] Royal Bangs – My Car Is Haunted