Despite sounding like the stage name for a glam-rock arena rock band member, Julian Casablancas is indeed the real name of the Strokes lead singer turned solo artist. His first solo album was released in late 2009, although I only recently had the opportunity to listen to some of the material.

“Out of the Blue” is a fantastic song that retains some of the best part of the Strokes’ sound, including the characteristically muted, yet energetic and urgent, jangly guitars. The song is remarkably consistent with many repeating patterns and parallel structures, but manages to remain exciting and interesting throughout. The song tackles the somewhat cliché topic of a broken relationship, but frankly does so in such an engaging and accurate way that it feels extremely fresh. It deftly captures the tumultuous and volatile mood changes that can happen in the wake of a relationship with some excellent verses, and pairs it with an introspective and yearning chorus.

Somewhere along the way, my hopefulness turned to sadness
Somewhere along the way, my sadness turned to bitterness
Somewhere along the way, my bitterness turned to anger
Somewhere along the way, my anger turned to vengeance

How could you be so perfect for me?
Why can’t you ignore the things I did before?

All in all, this is a remarkably addictive and interesting song and definitely worth checking out.

[mp3] Julian Casablancas – Out of the Blue