Dan Lissvik is one half of Swedish electronic band Studio.  His music is described as “music for the head” and I’d have to agree – the left side of the brain is sure to be enthralled by his well constructed and deliberate music, while the right side of the brain is immersed in the elaborate world created by his music.  It is this second aspect which I find most appealing.  In “Practice”, D. Lissvik‘s Eastern-themed instruments and calming melodies transports the listener to another world – one fraught with mystery, excitement, and intrigue.  With a bit of imagination, the listener is likely to find their living room metamorphosed  into a busting bazaar, their mundane commute now a fast-paced chase through winding alleyways in search of a fleeing cryptic figure.  So relax, press play, and let “Practice” guide your wandering mind.

[mp3] D. Lissvik – Practice