Still Flyin is an indie pop band loosely based out of San Francisco, but as their Myspace page indicates, they are “scattered across the globe” and are more of a collective of artists than a defined band in practice.  The same holds true in spirit as well – their songs are fun, jovial, eclectic and dynamic, and sound more like a group of friends getting together to make music for fun rather than a professional band out to sell albums and conquer the blogosphere.

The band was recently re-brought to my attention through the release of “A Party in Motion”, their latest EP which features the song “Higher Than Five”, a slowish-moving, long crescendo of a song with a jubilant chorus and danceable grooves.  It is a great song, but my “Still Flyin'” allegiances still lie with the song that first kindled my interest in the band, “Good Thing It’s a Ghost Town Around Here”.  This song is, simply put, a 5-minute all-out party.  It gets your attention early with a fast-paced funky bassline and tumultuous vocals.  The melodies rely heavily on these vocals and have relatively little guitar presence – this creates a really interesting texture which is especially pronounced at the song’s apex where overlapping vocals create some rich harmony.  With the excitement and energy present in this song, it’s no surprise that by all accounts, their live shows are reported to be an unbelievably good time.  One thing is for certain – the dance floor will surely not be a ghost town whenever Still Flyin is playing.

[mp3] Still Flyin’ – Higher Than Five
[mp3] Still Flyin’ – Good Thing It’s A Ghost Town Around Here