The Mynabirds (not to be confused with The Mynah Birds*) are the Omaha-based band of lead singer and songwriter Laura Burhenn.  Despite being a relatively new resident of Nebraska, where she moved after parting ways with her previous band in late 2008, elements of a mid-Western existence already permeate through her sound.  Her debut album features songs that seem almost old-fashioned, with soulful, powerful lead vocals and complementary backup vocals and instrumentals that remind listeners of a simpler musical age without synthesizers or auto-tuners.  Which is not to say that The Mynabirds play exclusively in this domain – while the back-up vocal-driven melody of  “Numbers Don’t Lie” has a more classic appeal, the album also features the edgier “Let the Record Go”, with it’s lively, bouncy, playful chord repetition and tempo changes.  Depending on your musical tastes, you may favour one versus the other – or maybe you’ll be like me and find a soft spot for both.

[mp3] The Mynabirds – Numbers Don’t Lie
[mp3] The Mynabirds – Let the Record Go

* The Mynah Birds were a short-lived Toronto-based R&B band featuring Rick James and Neil Young as members