John Grant, the former singer/songwriter of The Czars (who I am not familiar with), has teamed up with Midlake (who I am familiar with) to record his first debut album “Queen of Denmark”, released earlier this year.  “I Wanna Go to Marz” is off of this album, and for those of you familiar with Midlake, you will immediately recognize their fingerprints all over the song.  Like some of their other songs, the instrumentals and melodies are soft, atmospheric, and at times eerie.  This all matches up well against John Grant’s mellow vocals which float along darkly, meandering slowly through the lyrics and melody.  When you actually listen to the lyrics, you soon realize that the vast majority of them consist of Grant stringing together the names of different types of candy – I’m not particularly sure why this is, but it only seems to add to the whole disorienting atmosphere.  I’m not sure whether I have a natural affinity for eerie music (although my previous post on Warpaint’s Billie Holiday suggests that I may), but for whatever reason, I like this one.

Also, for an extra-special “treat”, you can also check out the official music video, which is pretty cool, but also really, really, super-weird.  Basically, imagine ghosts meeting up in the afterlife in a candy heaven, complete with 70’s-themed costumes and a celebration for the birth of a candy child.  Yeah.  Mind-altering drugs not included.

[mp3] John Grant – I Wanna Go to Marz