Cut Copy released a song about a month ago from their new, as yet to be titled, album to be released early next year.  I was a pretty big fan of their last album, “Ghost Colours”, with its collection of keyboard and synth-driven electro-pop anthems which just begged to be danced to.

The new single, “Where I’m Going”, starts off fairly innocuously for the first 15 seconds or so, and then the rhythm breaks into something completely unexpected.  It’s a more organic sound, much different from anything on “Ghost Colours”, and is somewhat reminiscent of an upbeat version of Doves – very British sounding.  That’s not to say that it completely turns its back on electronica – there is a great interlude about 2/3rds of the way through which uses some heavy reverb with some 60’s era carnival-like riffs to great effect.  But ultimately, if the rest of this album is like this, you’ll be more likely to see  fans fervently fist-pumping than ecstatically dancing.  Which frankly, isn’t a bad thing – ultimately the new single’s sound is a bit unexpected, but the quality and liveliness of the track should be no surprise.

[mp3] Cut Copy – Where I’m Going (click-through to website)