I had been wanting to devote a post to Arms‘ “Heat & Hot Water” for a while (well, since I first heard it back in March of this year), but it had kind of fallen off my radar until I heard an interesting remix of the song about a month ago from Birds & Batteries.  The original song is a great little melodic lo-fi track with some sprightly percussion and an overall feel that is dark, yet also jubilant.  The remix takes these elements, wraps them in some deep funk, and creates something pretty cool, including an amazing “Eureka” moment at 0:29 which takes the disassembled melodies of the original and jams them together with the first taste of that deep funk – it results in a brilliant few seconds which make the song (IMO).

[mp3] Arms – Heat & Hot Water
[mp3] Arms – Heat & Hot Water (Birds & Batteries remix)