I guess it’s already that time of year when the best of everything in the past year is listed and memorialized forever in blog posts.  Not one to be left out, I’ve compiled my list of 2010’s best songs.  Without further ado…

#30 – Radical Face – Doorways [mp3]
A light yet sprightly piano-driven song that manages to feel joyous and sad at the same time.  Doorways also has some of that rich orchestral grandiosity that I love so much.  Makes me think about what Jonsi would sound like if he was American.

#29 – Burnt Ones – Gonna Listen To T-Rex (All Night Long) [mp3]
Gonna Listen to T-Rex is an entry that reflects a pretty big trend this year, the anti-fidelity uprising.  Okay, I just made that label up, but whatever it is, Burnt Ones has certainly turned the catchiness and edginess knobs up to 11 – if clarity is the only victim, so be it.

#28 – Absofacto – Gnat Years [mp3]
A really well-constructed song that progresses from a relentless rhythm and tempo into a fuzzed out guitar solo into a soft, pulsating melody.  A bit of a weird and unorthodox description, but I never claimed this was a straightforward or orthodox song.

#27 – Breathe Owl Breathe – Own Stunts [mp3]
Another song with a major transition – it starts off eerie and atmospheric before launching into a powerful uplifting chorus.  Really beautiful.

#26 – Hot Spa – Kiola Beach [mp3]
Probably the most summery song of the list, the one just feels like frisbees, barbeques, and swimming.  Sit back, close your eyes, relax with the delightful twang of the ukeleles, and pretend that it’s not December and frigidly cold outside.