#25 – Wakey!Wakey! – Twenty Two [mp3]
An exciting, carefree, upbeat song with some awesome whistling embedded throughout.  Combined with a sweet chorus groove, the result is a fun little song, even if it is about alcoholism (still unclear on this last point).

#24 – Suckers – It Gets Your Body Movin’ [mp3]
100% epic.  This song, like most off of Suckers’ “Wild Smile” refuses to bow to inertia.  It’s always moving – in tone, in tempo, and in style, and finishes with a rousing “all together now” chorus.  Awesome.

#23 – Rai Knight – New New [mp3]
An absolutely infectious, feel-good melody sets “New New” apart and gives it a berth in my favourite songs of 2010.  Rai Knight often straddles the line between singing and rapping, just like I’m currently straddling the line between writing this post and dancing around my room while listening to her.

#22 – Belle & Sebastian – I Want The World To Stop [mp3]
Simply delightful, but what else would you expect with Belle & Sebastian?  Light and sweet with a jazzy baseline, this single off of “Write About Love” is as catchy and fun as Belle & Sebastian gets.

#21 – Chromeo – Hot Mess [mp3]
This one is just way too fun to not include in my best songs of 2010 list.  As you would expect from Chromeo, it’s super-funky with synthy beats and vocals.  Also, I just love how incredulous Dave 1 sounds in this song when he says “What?” – for serious, it’s probably my favourite part of the song.