#10 – Jónsi – Tornado [mp3]
With his absolutely stunning and exquisite music, Jónsi is well on his way to being the best thing to come out of Iceland in recent memory (frankly it’s not too difficult when you’re competing against an economic crisis and volcanic ash).  “Tornado” fuses classical orchestral components with dynamic vocals ranging from from soft melodies to dramatic falsetto, creating one of the most, if not the most, beautiful songs of the year.

#9 – Lissie – Pursuit Of Happiness Kid Cudi Cover) [mp3]
I originally wasn’t going to include any covers in my 2010 list, but this one is just too good to exclude.  While the initial attraction is just hearing Kid Cudi’s creation performed in a different style, this cover soon gets going on its own merits, with Lissie delivering some real passion throughout.  Also, check out the corresponding live video for this song here.

#8 – The Irrepressibles – In This Shirt [mp3]
In addition to being the 8th best song of the year, this song also has the distinction of being the first ever song featured here on MMMMM.  It’s chamber pop at its best, with complex and layered harmonies that contribute to a deeply moving, epic song that entrances from start to finish.  As I mentioned on my original review, this song clocks in at just over four and a half minutes, but manages the feat of feeling twice as long while at the same time making you wish it never ended.

#7 – The Black Keys – Tighten Up [mp3]
Spectacularly catchy and soulful, this funky, bluesy number from the Black Keys was stuck in my head for the greater part of 2010.  Add in one of the best videos of the year, and you’ve got a no-brainer for a top 10 song this year.

#6 – Crystal Castles – Not In Love (ft. Robert Smith) [mp3]
A relatively late entry into the race, this one caught my attention in early November with its unlikely combination of Robert Smith’s dark emotive vocals and Crystal Castles’ thumping, danceable, mind-melting beats.  Since then, I’ve been an addict – and the only cure (pun intended) is to put this one on for yet another spin.