#25 – Wakey!Wakey! – Twenty Two [mp3]
An exciting, carefree, upbeat song with some awesome whistling embedded throughout.  Combined with a sweet chorus groove, the result is a fun little song, even if it is about alcoholism (still unclear on this last point).

#24 – Suckers – It Gets Your Body Movin’ [mp3]
100% epic.  This song, like most off of Suckers’ “Wild Smile” refuses to bow to inertia.  It’s always moving – in tone, in tempo, and in style, and finishes with a rousing “all together now” chorus.  Awesome.

#23 – Rai Knight – New New [mp3]
An absolutely infectious, feel-good melody sets “New New” apart and gives it a berth in my favourite songs of 2010.  Rai Knight often straddles the line between singing and rapping, just like I’m currently straddling the line between writing this post and dancing around my room while listening to her.

#22 – Belle & Sebastian – I Want The World To Stop [mp3]
Simply delightful, but what else would you expect with Belle & Sebastian?  Light and sweet with a jazzy baseline, this single off of “Write About Love” is as catchy and fun as Belle & Sebastian gets.

#21 – Chromeo – Hot Mess [mp3]
This one is just way too fun to not include in my best songs of 2010 list.  As you would expect from Chromeo, it’s super-funky with synthy beats and vocals.  Also, I just love how incredulous Dave 1 sounds in this song when he says “What?” – for serious, it’s probably my favourite part of the song.



I guess it’s already that time of year when the best of everything in the past year is listed and memorialized forever in blog posts.  Not one to be left out, I’ve compiled my list of 2010’s best songs.  Without further ado…

#30 – Radical Face – Doorways [mp3]
A light yet sprightly piano-driven song that manages to feel joyous and sad at the same time.  Doorways also has some of that rich orchestral grandiosity that I love so much.  Makes me think about what Jonsi would sound like if he was American.

#29 – Burnt Ones – Gonna Listen To T-Rex (All Night Long) [mp3]
Gonna Listen to T-Rex is an entry that reflects a pretty big trend this year, the anti-fidelity uprising.  Okay, I just made that label up, but whatever it is, Burnt Ones has certainly turned the catchiness and edginess knobs up to 11 – if clarity is the only victim, so be it.

#28 – Absofacto – Gnat Years [mp3]
A really well-constructed song that progresses from a relentless rhythm and tempo into a fuzzed out guitar solo into a soft, pulsating melody.  A bit of a weird and unorthodox description, but I never claimed this was a straightforward or orthodox song.

#27 – Breathe Owl Breathe – Own Stunts [mp3]
Another song with a major transition – it starts off eerie and atmospheric before launching into a powerful uplifting chorus.  Really beautiful.

#26 – Hot Spa – Kiola Beach [mp3]
Probably the most summery song of the list, the one just feels like frisbees, barbeques, and swimming.  Sit back, close your eyes, relax with the delightful twang of the ukeleles, and pretend that it’s not December and frigidly cold outside.

The Knocks are the Manhattan-based production duo of Ben “DJ B-Roc” Ruttner and James “JPatt” Patterson.  I frankly don’t know too much about them other than that I really dig their third single, “Dancing with the DJ”.  It’s got an awesome retro feel-good vibe that just begs to be adopted as an official impromptu dance party anthem.  As the song indicates, they “don’t care if the sun comes up”, and neither should you if your night was spent dancing to the likes of this song.

[mp3] The Knocks – Dancing With The DJ

Brighton UK’s The Go! Team is back with their unique brand of… well I’m not completely sure what it is, but whatever it is, it should end with multiple exclamation points.  Maybe… Brass-Funk-Exuberance!! or… Retro-Indie-Hip-Hop-Explosion!! or maybe they should take !!!’s lead and just change their name to “!!!!!!!”.

Whatever it is, it’s fun, infectious, and addictive.  They’ve recently announced that a new album will be released in early 2011 titled “Rolling Blackouts” and have already pre-released the first song off of that album, “T.O.R.N.A.D.O.”  It starts off absolutely furiously and doesn’t stop once, packing more music into a 2-minute song than most artists can fit into 5 minutes.

[mp3] The Go! Team – T.O.R.N.A.D.O.


I almost didn’t bother posting this because I’m so inexcusably late on this one, but I’d be remiss to not give one of the best albums of the year it’s due.  I downloaded Girl Talk’s latest, “All Day”, the day it came out, and proceeded to, as the title implies, play it all day.  I’m about 10-15 times through the album now, and am still loving it.  While I haven’t noticed any absolute standouts, it’s only because almost every song on the album is equally good.  That being said, I am a sucker for “This Is the Remix” – it’s basically impossible not to love the Jackson 5 hook at the one-minute mark, and then when you think you’ve heard the best part of the song, the “Cecilia”/”Sunday Bloody Sunday” mix absolutely blows your mind.  Also of note is “Triple Double”, featuring Phoenix’s “1901” and The Rolling Stones’ “Paint It Black” as backing tracks.

Anyway, the album is definitely meant to be listened to straight through (and is available free in its entirety), so get it here.  Also, for some more info on the component songs, check out the SoundCloud track which includes a listing of all samples used.

Spike Jonze has directed the just-released video for the title-track off of Arcade Fire’s “The Suburbs”.  It’s a really polished and beautiful film that is sure to remind viewers who grew up in the suburbs of their childhood.  Well at least some of the video does – I certainly have clearer memories of endless bike riding than I do of paramilitary night raids…

Hint: switch to 720P and full-screen to experience the HD version of the video and better audio quality

I must admit, I wasn’t fully on the Chromeo bandwagon until seeing them live at Lollapalooza this year.  But their show made a believer of me, and now, like Depeche Mode, I just can’t get enough.

Their latest video might be a heartwarming tribute to those who serve and protect… but is more likely just an opportunity to show hot women barely clad in uniform.

G.O.B.: These guys are real dancers. You know, they’ve never done any “hot” policing.