Looks like spring is finally about to break here in the Northeast, and because that puts me in such a good mood, I wanted to share some spring-y tunes with all of you. Fingers crossed that there won’t be any more snow – it would be a bit weird to have to release a late-winter mixtape after the early-spring one.

Track #1: Cut Copy – Need You Now

The lead track off Cut Copy’s latest, Zonoscope, Need You Know is full of layered, ethereal, dance-y beats. The build-up is relentless and like the first blossom of spring, the resultant synth and vocal explosion is beautiful and long-awaited.

[mp3] Cut Copy – Need You Now

Track #2: Peter Bjorn and John – Second Chance

The first single off of Gimme Some, this is lo-fi quirkiness at its best. My only complaint is that it could use a touch more cowbell. On a semi-related random note, did anyone ever notice that the acronym for the band’s name is PB&J? Awesome!

[mp3] Peter Bjorn and John – Second Chance

Track #3: The Strokes – Under Cover Of Darkness

I may not be a huge fan of their live act, but this jangly little ditty from the new Angles album sure puts a spring in my step (terrible pun intended). It does make me wish I was better at snapping though…

[mp3] The Strokes – Under Cover Of Darkness

Track #4: Alex Winston – Sister Wife

With its sprightly melodies, innocent-sounding vocals, and a healthy dose of glockenspiel, it’s hard not to fall in love with this one. With only an EP released to date, hopefully there’s more to come from Alex Winston.

[mp3] Alex Winston – Sister Wife

Track #5: Generationals – Greenleaf

After creating one of my favourite spring songs of 2010 (When They Fight, They Fight), expectations for Generationals were high this spring. Greenleaf’s funky, hand-clap driven baseline doesn’t disappoint.

[mp3] Generationals – Greenleaf

Track #6: Alexander – Truth

Is it weird that Edward Sharpe’s frontman is already moving on to solo side projects? Regardless, this folk/reggae hybrid is the perfect song to groove to when enjoying some of the first nice days of the year and getting some much-needed Vitamin D.

[mp3] Alexander – Truth

Track #7: The Head And The Heart – Rivers And Roads

At first listen, it’s easy to mistake this one for a slow-moving folksy acoustic tune. That is until the melody bursts free from its acoustic chains – yielding a deep, rich, beautifully harmonized chorus to wake the world from its hibernation.

[mp3] The Head And The Heart – Rivers And Roads