Looks like spring is finally about to break here in the Northeast, and because that puts me in such a good mood, I wanted to share some spring-y tunes with all of you. Fingers crossed that there won’t be any more snow – it would be a bit weird to have to release a late-winter mixtape after the early-spring one.

Track #1: Cut Copy – Need You Now

The lead track off Cut Copy’s latest, Zonoscope, Need You Know is full of layered, ethereal, dance-y beats. The build-up is relentless and like the first blossom of spring, the resultant synth and vocal explosion is beautiful and long-awaited.

[mp3] Cut Copy – Need You Now

Track #2: Peter Bjorn and John – Second Chance

The first single off of Gimme Some, this is lo-fi quirkiness at its best. My only complaint is that it could use a touch more cowbell. On a semi-related random note, did anyone ever notice that the acronym for the band’s name is PB&J? Awesome!

[mp3] Peter Bjorn and John – Second Chance

Track #3: The Strokes – Under Cover Of Darkness

I may not be a huge fan of their live act, but this jangly little ditty from the new Angles album sure puts a spring in my step (terrible pun intended). It does make me wish I was better at snapping though…

[mp3] The Strokes – Under Cover Of Darkness

Track #4: Alex Winston – Sister Wife

With its sprightly melodies, innocent-sounding vocals, and a healthy dose of glockenspiel, it’s hard not to fall in love with this one. With only an EP released to date, hopefully there’s more to come from Alex Winston.

[mp3] Alex Winston – Sister Wife

Track #5: Generationals – Greenleaf

After creating one of my favourite spring songs of 2010 (When They Fight, They Fight), expectations for Generationals were high this spring. Greenleaf’s funky, hand-clap driven baseline doesn’t disappoint.

[mp3] Generationals – Greenleaf

Track #6: Alexander – Truth

Is it weird that Edward Sharpe’s frontman is already moving on to solo side projects? Regardless, this folk/reggae hybrid is the perfect song to groove to when enjoying some of the first nice days of the year and getting some much-needed Vitamin D.

[mp3] Alexander – Truth

Track #7: The Head And The Heart – Rivers And Roads

At first listen, it’s easy to mistake this one for a slow-moving folksy acoustic tune. That is until the melody bursts free from its acoustic chains – yielding a deep, rich, beautifully harmonized chorus to wake the world from its hibernation.

[mp3] The Head And The Heart – Rivers And Roads


Cut Copy released a song about a month ago from their new, as yet to be titled, album to be released early next year.  I was a pretty big fan of their last album, “Ghost Colours”, with its collection of keyboard and synth-driven electro-pop anthems which just begged to be danced to.

The new single, “Where I’m Going”, starts off fairly innocuously for the first 15 seconds or so, and then the rhythm breaks into something completely unexpected.  It’s a more organic sound, much different from anything on “Ghost Colours”, and is somewhat reminiscent of an upbeat version of Doves – very British sounding.  That’s not to say that it completely turns its back on electronica – there is a great interlude about 2/3rds of the way through which uses some heavy reverb with some 60’s era carnival-like riffs to great effect.  But ultimately, if the rest of this album is like this, you’ll be more likely to see  fans fervently fist-pumping than ecstatically dancing.  Which frankly, isn’t a bad thing – ultimately the new single’s sound is a bit unexpected, but the quality and liveliness of the track should be no surprise.

[mp3] Cut Copy – Where I’m Going (click-through to website)