Thought all of you might want to check out the pretty amazing “Moves” video put out by the New Pornographers. While I never doubted the musical quality of the band or the strength of the New Pornographers’ core fans, I frankly didn’t think they had as such pull to get “A”-listers like Paul Rudd, Bill Hader, Scott Adsit… okay I guess those are more like “B”-listers. But still impressive, no?

Check it out below.


Within a week, your intrepid musical explorer will cease to be “just someone from Toronto who wants to share artists and music” and will become “just someone in Boston who wants to share artists and music”.  Now admittedly, this cross-border move is a pretty big deal for me, so to coincide with the move and keep me in a positive “moving mood”, I’ve compiled an appropriate mini moving mix.  Enjoy.

[mp3] The New Pornographers – Moves

[mp3] Not An Airplane – As He Moved Away

[mp3] Suckers – It Gets Your Body Movin’

[mp3] John Denver – Leaving on a Jet Plane

And a bonus (perhaps most appropriate)…

For all of you eagerly anticipating the upcoming New Pornographers album, I have good news – it is available streaming for free at or at NPR.  Frankly, I am really liking this trend of having amazing bands stream their albums for free pre-release!

Thoughts so far:

  • Very classic New Pornographers sound – nothing dramatically unexpected (good news for those fans of previous albums)
  • Great use of a cello to really reinforce the bass line on quite a few songs and give them some nice texture (especially on “Moves” and “Crash Years”)
  • “Your Hands (Together)” is clearly a standout – great power chords that blend well into the melody, and frantic energy throughout
  • Really like the finish to the album (last three songs) – they’re a bit more forceful and energetic, starting with the driving guitar in “A Bite Out Of My Bed” and finishing with a similarly rhythmic cello in “We End Up Together”